Novel green solid lubricating coating

A recent study presents aqueous solid lubricating coatings as novel green lubricated materials.

Aqueous BSLCs reduce the utilisation of toxic organic solvents. Image source: silviarita - Pixabay (symbol image).

In the paper, a series of the environmental-friendly aqueous PAI-MoS2-graphite bonded solid-lubricating coatings (BSLCs) are prepared depending on the design concept of the recombination of two-component lubricant and aqueous resin, and the mechanical strength and wear resistance of the coatings are deeply optimised by virtue of the synergy of the components of coatings.

Environmental protection and resource conservation

The experimental results demonstrated that the successful preparation of aqueous BSLCs greatly reduces the utilisation of toxic organic solvents and is conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation.

Doping an appropriate amount of graphite into the aqueous BSLCs is beneficial to maximise the promotion of the mechanical and tribological properties of the coating, and when the mass ratio of graphite to MoS2 (MRGM) is 0.3, the mechanical strength, friction reduction and wear resistance of the coatings display the comparable level as that of the organic-solvent based BSLCs.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 155, June 2021.

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