Nitrogen oxides uptake in cementitious materials

A recently published study brings new understanding of the interaction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) with cement-based materials, necessary for optimising these materials for NOx sequestration.

Cement bags in a wheelbarrow.
Scientists attribute the intrinsic NOx sequestration capacity to the microstructural features and alkalinity of cement-based materials. Source: Thomas Söllner – -

The masses of nitrites and nitrates produced through NOx uptake in cement-based materials are quantified for both plain portland cement pastes (OPC) and nano TiO2-doped OPC. Both nitrite and nitrate were bound within plain OPC, with a nitrite:nitrate ratio of 1:2. This intrinsic NOx sequestration capacity is attributed to the microstructural features and alkalinity of cement-based materials. The capacity is increased by 360 %, with a lower nitrite:nitrate ratio of 1:1.3, in TiO2-doped OPC.

Photocatalytic activities influence NOx uptake

The increase in NOx uptake and the change in nitrite:nitrate ratio is attributed to the microstructural differences and activation of photocatalytic reactions that are associated with TiO2 addition. Comparing NOx exposure with and without UV on TiO2-doped OPC shows that photocatalytic activities have greater influences on NOx uptake than microstructural differences induced by TiO2 addition.

The study is published in: Cement and Concrete Research Volume 122, August 2019, Pages 251-256.

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