From tea to resistant epoxy coatings

A new study introduces tea polyphenol radical scavenger loaded UV absorber for corrosion resistant and weathering resistant epoxy coating fabrication.

Phenols and polyphenols are natural plant compounds which are found in tea. Image source: Oliver_Nguyen - Pixabay (symbol image).

During a recent study, a robust coating with enhanced corrosion resistant and weathering resistant properties was developed by incorporating novel UV resistant fillers into epoxy matrix. Tea polyphenol (TP) functioned as the free radical scavenger, which was encapsulated into mesoporous silica nanoparticles with UV absorption ability (MSN-TP) to obtain the UV resistant filler. With the incorporation of 2 wt% MSN-TP fillers in the epoxy matrix, the uniform distribution of MSN-TP nanoparticles could block the penetration of corrosive media and hence strengthening the barrier property of the coating.

Good barrier performance

Moreover, the free radical scavenging ability of TP and the UV shielding effect of MSN functioned simultaneously to alleviate the weathering degradation of epoxy coating, which exhibited stabilised surface properties and good barrier performance during accelerated weathering exposure test. Such a robust EP/MSN-TP coating can considerably prolong the long-term protection during outdoor service life.The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 180, July 2023.

Event tip

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