Examining superhydrophobic coatings on steel substrates

The influence of steel substrates on the uniformity of superhydrophobic coatings was examined by Kelvin probe force microscope.

A wetted aluminium surface as a symbolic image.
There is a high interest in in metallic pigmented powder coatings. Image source: analogicus - Pixabay (symbol image).

n the present work, the influence of superhydrophobic (SHP) silane as well as silanised silica nanoparticle coating on various steel substrates such as modified 9Cr-1Mo and 304L, were examined using Kelvin probe force microscopy.

The surface potential mapping results showed that the SHP coating on the 304L stainless steel substrate, exhibited a higher stability than the modified 9Cr-1Mo steel substrate, which was attributed to the presence of significant amounts of highly resistant Cr and Ni in 304LSS in addition to the silanised silica nanoparticles in the coating.

Comparable water contact angle values

Two scale roughness was observed from the topographic images of the two substrates. The water contact angle values were comparable between the two substrates indicating a similar SHP behavior of the samples.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 150, January 2021.

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