Electrochemical impedance study models anticorrosive performance of coatings

In a study, the atmospheric corrosive protection characteristics of four organic coatings were modeled based on the evolution of low-frequency impedance over time when subjected to accelerated tests and outdoor exposures.

Electrochemical impedance study for modeling the anticorrosive performance of coatings based on accelerated tests and outdoor exposures. Source: Isinor/pixelio.de -

Environmental characteristics such as the time of wetness, chloride and sulfate depositions, and ultraviolet radiation were defined as explanatory variables.

Good prediction of |Z|ω→0

The results obtained helped to establish a relationship between low-frequency impedance (|Z|ω→0), acquired from electrochemical impedance spectra, and the explanatory variables. An adjustment factor was calculated for each coating against the most aggressive natural exposure, resulting in a good prediction of |Z|ω→0 and the performance of the coatings for other outdoor tests.

The study is published in: Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, September 2016, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp 895–904

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