Bio-based coating systems as a substitute for petroleum-based products

At the Institute of Wood Technology Dresden (IHD), research is being conducted into the development of bio-based NIPU (Non-Isocyanate Polyurethanes) binders as well as varnishes and oils that can be produced from them for the coating of wood.

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The new in waterborne coatings technology could be used as a useful and inexpensive technology that addresses the need to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) production for improved environmental protection. Image source: TwilightArtPictures - (symbol image).

Coating systems based on renewable raw materials are still a niche product. Building on existing research results in the field of isocyanate-free polyurethanes (NIPU) made from renewable raw materials, a new research project aims to create the prerequisites for making bio-based polyhydroxyurethane binders (PHU) competitive with conventional polyurethanes (PU). The focus here is on binders for paints and varnishes. These binders are used in cooperation with coating manufacturers to produce both coating-forming paints and non-coating oils for wood. The formulations will be characterised under application conditions in order to develop preferred variants for up-scaling on a technical scale.

Sustainable replacement of petroleum-based polyurethane chemistry

The IHD scientists expect that NIPU-based coatings can even surpass the properties of the established systems in terms of chemical resistance and surface porosity. In the course of the project, general knowledge (formulation/formulation) as well as know-how for industrial synthesis/application will be developed, which can also be transferred to other polyurethane products (e.g. adhesives, foams, artificial leather, etc.). In the long term, the results of the research project should contribute to the sustainable replacement of crude oil-based polyurethane chemistry.

Further information can be found on the IHD website.

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