Bio-based binders for high-solids two-component coatings

High-quality industrial coating systems are usually based on polyacrylates or polyester polyols containing hydroxyl groups, which can be reacted with corresponding coating isocyanates.

Sustainability is changing the requirements for such coating systems. Whereas in the past the properties of the coating systems and the price played a very important role, today sustainability is also a factor. For example, products should have the smallest possible carbon footprint, be based on bio-based or recycled raw materials, not compete with food production if possible, and not consume additional land.

Meanwhile, there are many ways to make products more sustainable. Here, polyester polyols and especially their fatty acid-modified types – the alkyd resins – can offer a wide range of possibilities.

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Whitepaper – Bio-based binders for high-solids two-component coatings
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