EC Tech Report Automotive Coatings

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Publication date: 2022
Version: 1
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Your up-to-date bundle on the topic of automotive coatings: learn more about a new perylene black pigment for NIR reflective coatings that support autonomous driving; find out about polyurethane systems who make the leap to the digital application technology of the future, whilst simultaneously becoming more sustainable; and gain insights into a new, automated method for rapidly and accurately measuring viscosity during coatings production. In addition to these and further articles about the latest technical developments, the Tech Report is rounded off with valuable market insights and important fundamentals about automotive coatings formulation.


  • Basics of electrophoretic paint deposition
  • Driving improvements in NIR management
  • A new CPO acrylic adhesion promoter resin for plastic coatings
  • Influence of balanced rheology-modifier ratios on the optical properties of water-borne metallic coatings
  • Novel polyamide improves appearance
  • Correct characterisation of pigment dispersions
  • Automating rheology control with a new process control tool
  • Test of 95 automotive clearcoat systems with dry and wet scratching and for their chemical resistance
  • Advances in the digital application of polyurethane-based coatings and adhesives
  • Product overview: metallic effect pigments
  • Current market insights


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