What labels mean for architectural coatings

Labels like Blue Angel, Ecolabel, or the Nordic Swan are especially important for the architectural coatings industry. We spoke with experts from the Polish paint manufacturer Sniezka and raw material supplier Wacker about labels and other trends in architectural coatings.

Sustainability is getting more important for architectual coatings. (Source: Arseniy Krasnevsky - stock.adobe.com) -

“The EU Decopaint directive, together with growing end-consumer demand for environmentally friendly products, provides an incentive for paints and coatings manufacturers to seek out alternative raw materials”, says Dr. Markus Busold from Wacker and adds: “When we develop new products, requirements for major ecolabels like Nordic Swan or Blue Angel are key criteria.”

However, there are regional differences. “Labels such as Blue Angel, the Nordic Swan, and Ecolabel are still more well-known on the German market and in the Scandinavian countries than on the Polish market”, explains Bozena Uryasz from paint manufacturer Sniezka. Nevertheless, the topic of sustainability is becoming more important in Poland as she explains and customers are switching to premium products.

Labels generate more sustainable coatings

Markus Busold Wacker

Dr Markus Busol is Head of Strategic Marketing for Consumer and Industrial Polymers at Wacker

In recent years the labels have helped to significantly reduce the content of formaldehyde or methanol in architectural coatings. And more changes are on the way. Wacker for example tries to foresee further changes to the labels. “As a result, we came up with solutions for biocide-free wall paints based on dispersible polymer powder technology”, says Markus Busold.   

The demand for more sustainable and eco-friendly products is not only driven by labels. “I believe that, with time, VOC-free coatings will become an obligatory feature, expected by customers”, says Bozena Uryasz. Busold’s view is quite similar: “Sustainable solutions are one of the biggest trends in the industry, and renewable raw materials, in particular, are gaining in importance.”

Convenience for architectual coatings

Bozena Uryasz

Bozena Uryasz is a Group R&D Director at Sniezka

“Another trend we see among end consumers is convenience”, says Busold and sees innovations from the food packaging sector becoming important in architectural coatings as well. “Easy portioning with just the right amount of paint needed for the area to be painted offers convenience and might even lead to a reduction in waste products”, he says.

This interview is based on a more comprehensive interview in European Coatings Journal issue 5/2019 and is available online for subscribers of European Coatings 360°.

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