The top 10 technical coating articles 2019

What technological and scientific topics have particularly interested the coatings industry in the past year? Here are the technical top 10 from 2019.

Top articles about coatings and paint
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The classification of certain titanium dioxide particles as potentially carcinogenic was the excitement in the industry. The topic was so big that it overshadowed almost all other topics. As many as five articles in our recently published top 10 list of the most read coatings articles dealt with the classification. In addition, there were several major company takeovers and overarching market topics.

No articles about market and regulation

In this overview, we have therefore now removed all topics related to laws and regulations and also left out all articles that are more relevant for readers interested in business. What remains is what was most strongly regarded by the industry in terms of technology.

Even though the regulatory topics were filtered out, titanium dioxide still is part of this top 10 list. Even more, it still is at the top of the list, with a technical news about replacing titanium dioxide by fillers. Even more interesting, the article was already published in 2015.

A wide variety

Aside from the first article, the top technical and scientific content shows a wide variety of topics. If you look at the list you will find topics like corrosion protection, fire retardant coatings, bio-based coatings and a number of different modern functionalities.

Another interesting fact is that we find an interview about high-throughput testing and predictive science in our top 10 that describes a possible way to ease formulators work.  

1) Substituting titanium dioxide by calcium carbonate in paint mixtures

2) Corrosion protection of mild steel surfaces

3) Cool roofs and hollow microspheres

4) “Formulators can move away from trial-and-error”

5) Fire retardant coatings: “Many raw materials you traditionally add actually bring you in the wrong direction”

6) Coated cotton fabric to collect and release water

7) Bio-based coatings: “Act before it is required”

8) Fire retardant coatings: “Preventing the fire from spreading”

9) What experts think about the future of wood coatings

10) Multi-impact testing for stone-chip resistance: EN ISO 20567 1 revised

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