Teknos publishes report on non-financial information

Teknos has published a Group-level report on non-financial information (NFI). The report describes how sustainability is implemented at Teknos and the company’s sustainability actions in 2019.

Two hands form a heart.

The report also presents key non-financial indicators and risks related to the environment, personnel, own operations and the supply chain. The report has been published for the second time.

“We have been investing in sustainability for a couple of years now as part of our renewed strategy. We believe that the report is a great way to increase transparency about our operations. In addition to the report, we aim, of course, to communicate about our sustainability actions throughout the year,” says Paula Salastie, CEO of Teknos Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Teknos Corporate Social Responsibility Program is divided into four areas: Sustainable Solutions and Services, Responsible Operations and Supply Chain, People Development and Future Generations.

As the company tells, Teknos is constantly striving to develop coatings that are more durable and safer for both the environment and human health. Reducing the proportion of hazardous chemicals and VOCs in products are examples of such solutions, and sustainability has become an even more integrated part in R&D than ever before.

“Not many are aware that our expertise in coatings can be utilised not only on traditional surface solutions such as coatings, but also in non-conventional ways. Hygienic coatings, fire-retardant coatings or the paper bottle developed in collaboration with industry market leaders are examples of such solutions,” Salastie says.

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