Talga and Biomer to develop Graphene-enhanced TPU for industrial coatings

Australian company Talga Resources Ltd. has signed a joint development agreement with UK based polymer manufacturer Biomer Technology Ltd. to co-develop graphene-enhanced thermoplastics for potential commercialisation in the coating market.

The jointly developed polyurethane products are to be used in marine anti-fouling coatings -

Under the terms of the joint development agreement Biomer will design and synthesise thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) incorporating Talga’s graphene products for evaluation in industrial coating (marine anti-fouling) amongst other applications. The incorporation of amounts of “Talphene” into Biomer’s proprietary TPU is expected to improve a range of key performance characteristics including chemical resistance, mechanical strength, wear & abrasion resistance, biocompatibility/biofouling, surface finish and electrical conductivity.

Joint development of new polyurethane products

Talga Managing Director Mark Thompson: “We are excited to enter this agreement with Biomer that provides an accelerated path to new polyurethane products and expanded commercial opportunities”. Managing Director Simon Dixon : “We look forward to working with Talga’s research team in Cambridge and its unique functionalised graphene formulations which, through the joint development agreement, will provide the ideal platform to realise these opportunities.”

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