Sika invests in membrane production in Russia

Sika is expanding its product portfolio in Russia with the commissioning of a new production line for PVC membranes at its factory in Lobnya, near Moscow.

Membrane production in Russia. Source: Sika -

It will now also manufacture high-performance thermoplastic membranes for waterproofing structures at this location, resulting in cost savings and competitive advantages.

Target markets waterproofing and roofing

The membrane market is growing faster than the Russian construction market overall with forecasts of 6% annual growth until 2020. The annual volume of membranes is estimated to be around 25 million m2 – the equivalent of around 3,500 soccer fields.

Paul Schuler, CEO: “By manufacturing PVC membranes locally, we will achieve considerable cost benefits due to lower transportation costs and the fact that there are no longer any import duties. The improved availability of suitable raw materials and the qualification of suppliers are key prerequisites that are now enabling us to invest in the expansion of our supply chain and local manufacturing of products in Russia. Sika’s aim with the membranes is to achieve rapid growth in the target markets waterproofing and roofing.”

Tushino 2018 urban development project

PVC membranes are waterproofing systems that are mainly used for basements, underground parking lots, tunnels, bridges, all kinds of water reservoirs and roof constructions. They must be reliable, long-lasting and sustainable. In Russia, these high-performance technologies are being used in the Tushino 2018 urban development project in Moscow, as well as in a number of commercial buildings, infrastructure projects and sports facilities.

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