Rexson Systems installs Atex-certified dispenser at Renolit

Rexson Systems, a member of the Inkmaker Group, recently completed a ColorPoint 32 ink-dispenser installation at Renolit’s UK base in Northumberland.

A picture of the dispensing room.

The Dispensing Room. Image source: Inkmaker.


The installation – involving Atex-certified; tanks, mixers, level sensors, control valves and return-ink control panel – was secured by Martin Black, Area Sales Manager for Rexson Systems, Inkmaker Group.

“The Rexson ColorPoint 32 – our solvent-based ink dispenser for use in the manufacture of printed coverings for furniture cabinets and surfaces – produces 20-200L batch sizes into pails and drums using a 300kg x 1g resolution floor scale. This installation dispenses 24 ingredients, including 4 x ‘bulked’ press-return ink ingredients, seamlessly and automatically. The bulked return inks are collected into the upper tanks, for colour measurement and QC, before being emptied into the lower tanks for automated dispensing as a new-blend ingredient,” explained Martin. “Our dispenser’s ColorPoint Manager office PC was located in the supervisor’s office, functioning as an interface to the customers network, spectrophotometer and colour software.”

“Interface is easy to use”

Renolit, a global specialist of high-quality plastic films, sheets and other plastic products, who employs close to five thousand employees in thirty production plants worldwide, looked to Rexson Systems to resolve their global challenges:

“When it became time to replace our aging ink-dispensing system we considered offers from a number of different suppliers. We decided to install the Rexson/Inkmaker system based on its functionality, simplicity of design and compact form. Their system gives us significant benefits over our old installation, offering improved stock management, cost control and reporting.” explained Christopher Meek, Project Engineer at Renolit Cramlington Ltd. “The system also integrates with our newly acquired colour-prediction software seamlessly, which allows us to make on-the-fly colour corrections with ease as well as enabling us to utilise considerably more of our return inks. The interface is easy to use, very robust and from a user point of view the dispenser is very accessible making it easy to clean and maintain. During the 12 months the system has been in service it has proven to be extremely reliable with zero unscheduled downtime to date.”

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