Polystyrene recycling with depolymerization

Agilyx Corporation and Ineos Styrolution have signed a joint development agreement to develop a recycling process for polystyrene based on "chemical recycling” in the USA.

Agilyx Corporation and Ineos Styrolution want to develop new technologies for recycling polystyrene. gcpics – stock.adobe.com. -

This collaboration is aimed at achieving a circular economy, where polystyrene waste is recycled into virgin, high-quality styrenic polymers, thereby reducing plastic waste and allowing for re-use of this valuable material.

Depolymerization of post-consumer polystyrene waste

This “chemical recycling” technology is based on depolymerization of post-consumer polystyrene waste, which is expected to result in new virgin, high-quality polystyrene ultimately for food-related uses. “We are excited about this collaborative effort with Ineos Styrolution. The ability of our technology to divert waste polystyrene from landfills and create a sustainable recycled polymer aligns with global efforts of waste diversion and the move to a circular economy.  This is one of many privileged partnerships we are continuing to develop to help advance the scaling of this technology both domestically and in international markets”, said Joseph Vaillancourt, CEO, Agilyx Corporation.

Innovative recycling solutions

“We are very pleased to join efforts and collaborate with Agilyx in this venture. Chemical recycling and innovative recycling solutions for polystyrene will enable us to re-use collected post-consumer polystyrene waste into our manufacturing processes to produce high-quality virgin polystyrene. This represents a great opportunity to save valuable resources and avoid waste ending in landfills”, said Ricardo Cuetos, VP Standard Products, Ineos Styrolution America LLC. “This project is an important step in our efforts to recycle polystyrene taking advantage of innovative technologies”, he adds.

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