Pollution with dichlorobenze: BASF recalls isocyanate

About 7,500 tons of toluene diisocyanate (TDI) with a major pollution of dichlorobenzene have been produced at BASF's manufacturing site in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The company is recalling the product and offers help with via a hotline.

Dichlorobenzene can cause several health issues. -

The pollution took place for over a month during production from August 25 to September 29 this year. BASF has stated that about two thirds of the TDI has not yet been processed by customers. The company is not only recalling the TDI but also foams that have already been manufactured using the polluted isocyanate. According to BASF the pollution took place because of a technical problem.

At the moment it looks as manufacturers of mattresses are most affected. However, TDI is also used in polyurethane coatings. The pollutant dichlorobenzene is classified as dangerous for the environment and can cause irritations of eyes, skin and lungs. It is also suspected to be a carcinogen.

BASF has installed a hotline for customers that can be reached via +49 621 60-21919 from 8 am to 18 pm CET.

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