New video on self-healing primers to extent protection

In a recent webcast Roman Subramanyam Kasisomayajula of Autonomic Materials explained to the European Coatings community how Incorporating a self-healing additive zinc-rich primers can extend the lifetime of the protective system. The video is now available on demand in European Coatings 360°.


In this webcast Kasisomayajula explained that zinc-rich coatings are used in a wide range of industries to protect steel substrates in extremely corrosive environments.

However, with exposure to a corrosive environment over time, the zinc particles corrode to form a non-conductive oxide layer around the particles, decreasing the sacrificial protective capability of the coating. The webcast introduced a self-healing additive that can be added in organic zinc-rich primers to extend the lifetime of the protective system.

The video of the webcast is now available online to subscribers of European Coatings 360°.

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