Nano enhanced multifunctional coating systems

Nanto Cleantech has presented a new technology which is suitable for corrosion protection of gas pipelines on the World Gas Conference (WGC) in Washington.

The new technology is suitable for corrosion protection of gas pipelines. Source: klassensprecher930 Pixabay. -

Nanto Cleantech CEO Roberto Cafagna described the company and its patented nanotechnologies that can be applied to improve performances of multifunctional coatings and polymers for different kind of applications. In particular, Mr. Cafagna has explained the technology developed for internal and external lining of pipelines, for corrosion protection, reinforcement and also for a reduction of friction, thanks to superhydrophobic features obtained.

Multifunctional coatings with increased durability

The technology is based on nanoparticles functionalisation and incorporation in polymeric matrices, which allow to obtain multifunctional coatings with increased durability in terms of service time thus preserving the characteristics and physical properties of the raw materials, with cost effective process. Nanto Cleantech technology is a green technology for the product and the process. The dispersion of the specially treated nanoparticles allows to reduce and replace toxic additives and the production process is based on water, with 90% recycling and low temperature operation.

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