Market study on levulinic acid and succinic acid

Two new market reports published by Nova-Institute shed light on the current and future market situation of levulinic acid and succinic acid.

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Two recently published market reports deal with the market growth of levulinic acid and succinic acid. Source: anaterate / Pixabay. -

A view on the production and market potential of both bio-based building blocks compared to their fossil-based counterparts is given. Although both still have a high chemical potential, they have fallen short of technology and market demand expectations. Current market data combined with ongoing technology development and an expected decrease of oil prices has led to a new carefully estimated future market growth for both levulinic and succinic acid.

Market demand for levulinic acid below expectations

The report on “Levulinic acid – A versatile platform chemical for a variety of market applications – Global market dynamics, demand/supply, trends and market potential” shows that production technology and market demand of levulinic acid has not yet developed according to previous expectations. The promised low-cost direct production from biomass is still under development, leaving room for several possibilities of further development. The market report discusses the future development under proper technological conditions.

Value chain of the succinic acid market

“Succinic acid: From a promising building block to a slow seller – what will a realistic future market look like?” covers the value chain of the succinic acid market, the technologies involved in the succinic acid production and its biomass utilisation efficiency. Apart from the most appropriate applications, also market demand estimates, the key drivers and inhibitors are discussed in detail by the report. The significant gap between previous estimations and the current market situation is discussed and explained by the market study; highlighting room for growth and the necessary framework conditions.

The studies are available via the website of Nova-Institute.

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