Market study on industrial floor coatings

According to a new research report the industrial floor coatings market is estimated to exceed EUR 6,1 thousand millions by 2024.

According to a new analysis -

Favorable macroeconomic conditions coupled with rising industrialisation in emerging nations will drive the industry share. According to the Asia Development Bank, Asian countries are expected to invest EUR 7,9 trillion for infrastructure development between 2010 and 2020 to augment industrialisation and urbanisation. This will create a surge in the number of manufacturing facilities, thereby fueling industrial floor coatings demand.

Use of industrial floor coatings

Industrial floor coatings are widely used in food & beverage processing facilities to maintain quality, purity and hygiene. Rising urbanisation has influenced consumption patterns, increased disposable income will make processed foods affordable for a larger share of the populace. This will foster growth in the food processing industry and create substantial opportunities for the product.

The complete market study is available via the website of Global Market Insights.

Image source: Pixabay

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