Lars Petersson to succeed Henrik Andersen as CEO of Hempel

Hempel informs that Lars Petersson, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer in Hempel, will be succeeding Henrik Andersen as CEO by 1 July 2019.

Lars Petersson succeeds Henrik Andersen as Hempel's CEO. Image source: Hempel. -

Lars Petersson joined Hempel in March 2015 as Group COO. Since then, he has delivered remarkable results and been a central driver of the global transformation in Hempel as part of the Executive Management Board.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hempel A/S Richard Sand says: “With Lars Petersson’s insight in Hempel, his market insight, his leadership qualities, and the results he has created, Lars has shown that he is just the right person to take over as CEO and continue the journey for Hempel’s future global transformation and growth. The fact that the natural choice of a Group President and CEO is an existing top leader from Hempel, shows that we have succeeded in establishing the right leadership team for the future. The Board has high expectations of Lars and his executive management team, and we are looking much forward to continuing the great collaborative work.”

“Enthusiastic and proud to be part of the Hempel family”

Lars Petersson thanks the Board for the trust they are showing him and he is ready for his coming task. “I have experienced how unique this company is. With more than 6.600 dedicated colleagues in 80 countries, a strong value-based culture, a very special customer focus and social engagement, as well as a commitment to always challenging ourselves, I am both enthusiastic and proud to be part of the Hempel family. Hempel is a company where we all work together to execute our strategy and to reach the goals we set for ourselves.”

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