Krahn Chemie Polska distributes silica products from PPG in Poland

As of January 1, 2017 Krahn Chemie distributes the precipitated silica products from PPG in Poland.

Krahn Chemie Polska distributes silica products from PPG in Poland. Source: -

Both companies already collaborate in Italy, where Pietro Carini, the Italian subsidiary of Krahn, acts as sales and marketing partner of PPG for many years.

Well accepted in the market

“We are very happy to broaden our existing portfolio for the Polish coatings and rubber industry with the silica products of PPG. As one of the top players, PPG offers a broad and innovative range of precipitated silica products which are from high quality and well accepted in the market,” said Jaroslaw Rogalinski, Managing Director of Krahn Chemie Polska.

Valuable partner

“What we expect from a distributor is a strong and close relationship to the customers and a deep understanding of our products and their performance. This is what Pietro Carini has proven in Italy for many years, and this is why we appointed Krahn Chemie Polska as our new distributor in Poland. We are sure that Krahn Chemie will be a valuable partner for our customers and for us,” said Adam Riley, Sales Engineer, EMEA, silica products of PPG.

Silica for various appilcations

The product range of PPG comprises synthetic amorphous precipitated silica and other performance silica products for various applications. “Hi-Sil” silica products are used as reinforcing fillers for rubber and as thickening agents in the adhesives and sealants industry and help to achieve desired rheology properties and anti-sag/suspension performance with minimal impact on other system properties. The “Lo-Vel” flatting agents reduce the gloss of a variety of products including coatings, paints, lacquers, varnishes and inks, while providing lower viscosity and better stir-in capability.

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