Keyser & Mackay agrees partnership for titanium dioxide

Keyser & Mackay has agreed on a partnership for titanium dioxide of NanJing Titanium Dioxide Chemical.

NanJing Titanium Dioxide Chemical factory site.
NanJing Titanium Dioxide Chemical factory site. Picture provided by: Keyser & Mackay. -

The Chinese manufacturer NanJing Titanium Dioxide Chemical and the Europe-wide distributor Keyser & Mackay have agreed a partnership for titanium dioxide manufactured by the sulphate-process.

Keyser & Mackay obtains the representation in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Poland.

Capacity expansion in the coming years

Nanjing Titanium Dioxide has a capacity of 180.000 tons per year and is the fifth largest manufacturer in China. Target is to increase the capacity up to 350.000 tons per year the next three to five years.

Keyser & Mackay is a market oriented agent and distributor of chemical raw materials and industrial equipment, acting as an intermediary between customers and suppliers. The company represents over 100 suppliers producing a wide range of products including additives, pigments, fillers, polymers, surfactants, resins, silica’s, wax emulsions, epoxy hardeners, silanes and many more.

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