In the focus of the March issue: Automotive coatings

The focus topic of the March issue of the European Coatings Journal are automotive coatings. The magazine is also available in European Coatings 360°.

Automotive coatings are in the focus of the March issue. Image: Sergey Nivens -Fotolia -

When it comes to base coats, water-borne systems are dominating in Europe and the shift from solvents to water in emerging countries, is rapid. However, as Dr Andrew Shooter of Lubrizol explains in our “Expert Voices” (page 16), in Europe some manufacturers have resisted this change by investing heavily in solvent recovery systems on their coatings lines rather than converting to water-based. This is underlined by recently published study from market research firm Ceresana on automotive paints, which finds that demand for solvent-borne systems will increase by 2.4% per year until 2024.

Also increasing is the use of plastic components in vehicle interiors. Paul Gevaert, Robert Potzmann, Chi-Yan Lee and Arie Cornelis of Allnex, are presenting an alternative to conventional isocyanates, some isocyanate-bearing acrylates with low residual NCO were evaluated in dual cure formulations (page 20). For more in-depth information, tune in to European Coatings Live on 27 March 2018 at 15.00h. You can register for free to join our monthly webcast.

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The complete issue is now also available at our data bank European Coatings 360°.  European Coatings 360° also provides registered users with the opportunity to conduct your research activities online via our quick and effective full-text search and find exactly the information you need for your daily work in the field of coatings formulation. Currently there are 401 hits on the search phrase “automotive coatings.”

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