Henkel to acquire Sonderhoff Group

Henkel is strengthening its Adhesive Technologies business with a new acquisition.

Jan-Dirk Auris -

The company signed an agreement to acquire Sonderhoff Holding GmbH based in Cologne, Germany. The company offers high-impact sealing solutions for industrial assembly.

Enhancing the sealants competence

With the acquisition of the privately owned company, Henkel will further enhance its sealants competence. Foam-based sealing solutions are used in a variety of industrial applications, protecting e.g. lighting systems, filtration solutions or appliances against humidity and dust. Sonderhoff is a leading manufacturer of innovative foamed-in-place gasketing solutions for reliable sealing and has broad expertise in developing and manufacturing customized dosing equipment.

Polyurethane and silicone foams

Sonderhoff’s portfolio includes specialised polyurethane and silicone foams as well as customised dosing equipment and automation concepts with high technical and engineering expertise and a complete range of services. In the fiscal year 2016, Sonderhoff Holding GmbH generated sales of about 60 million euros. The company employs around 280 people worldwide and has subsidiaries in five countries: Germany (headquarters in Cologne), Austria, Italy, the US and China. Both parties agreed to not disclose any financial details of the transaction.

Automation and digitalisation as growth drivers

“Targeted investments in complementary leading technologies are an integral part of our global strategy”, said Henkel CEO Hans Van Bylen. “The innovative systems from Sonderhoff with their technical expertise and customised solutions and services complement our existing portfolio in an attractive market with substantial growth opportunities,” said Jan-Dirk Auris, Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies at Henkel. “Sonderhoff’s engineering capabilities and their precise dosing equipment will enable us to offer our customers a system solution benefiting even more from automation and digitalisation in manufacturing.”

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