Five facts about the Finnish coatings market

Finland is a small country with only a dozen paints and coatings manufacturers. Nevertheless, it has a very advanced market. We selected five interesting fact about the Finnish coatings market.

The two largest paint manufacturers from Finland -

Finland has only about 5.5 million inhabitants and aside from some larger cities a lot of rural space. However, it is one of the most developed industrial countries in Europe and is well known for it’s good educational system.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why the small country has two companies that are listed in the top 25 coatings manufacturers in Europe.

Size of the Finnish paint market

2017 the Finnish manufacturers produced about 45 million litres of paint and coatings. This corresponds to sales worth 185 million EUR.

Size of finnish coatings market  

Segments of the coatings market

Most paints in Finland are produced for decorative and architectural purposes. However, the industrial coatings segment is quite strong, too.

Segments of finnish coatings market  

Structure of the market

Currently there are 12 companies with nearly 1300 employees in Finland.

Structure of finnish coatings market  


Per capita finnland is using 13 kg of coatings. This is a relatively normal value for many industrialised countries. Portugal for example uses less than 11kg per capita while Japan is at 14.7 kg per capita.  

per captita consumption coatings finland

Foreign Trade

The Finnish coatings market is heavily focused on exports. In 2017 the country sold paints and coatings worth 150 million EUR to other markets.

Foreign trade finnish coatings market

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