Fatty acid based waterborne epoxy ester resins for coating applications

High performance water soluble epoxy ester resin was synthesised by partially reacting bis-phenol A based epoxy resin with different fatty acids.

Researchers synthesised eco-friendly waterborne resins using vegetable oils. Source: Thaut Images/Fotolia -

The resultant epoxy ester resin was then reacted with diethanol amine. These resins were characterised by FTIR, NMR, DSC and TGA. Further, the prepared epoxy esters were neutralised using phosphoric, lactic, acetic and hydrochloric acids to make them water soluble.

Excellent anticorrosive properties

Mild steel panels were coated with the water soluble epoxy ester resins and their performance were evaluated by monitoring adhesion, tensile, scratch hardness, bend and impact resistances. The corrosion resistance properties of the coatings were evaluated by salt spray, seawater immersion and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. It is observed that phosphoric acid neutralised tung oil fatty acid based epoxy ester has better mechanical and anticorrosive properties than the rest of the water soluble polymers.

The study is published in: Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 87, October 2015, Pages 95–105

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