Chemours partners with Vitex to launch new Teflon enhanced paints

The Chemours Company, has exclusively partnered with Vitex – Yannidis Brothers, the largest Greek-owned producer of architectural coatings, to develop and introduce a new Teflon branded paint.

Chemours and Vitex announced a collaboration. Source: Capri23auto / Pixabay -

The new product uses Teflon surface protection technology and offers premium quality, enhanced durability and superior surface protection from stains. This new generation paint will be available at over 3,000 sales locations in Greece, Cyprus and other South-Eastern European countries.   In announcing the result of the strategic collaboration between Chemours and his company, CEO Armodios Yannidis said the new Vitex with Teflon is “the newest generation of matte emulsion paints with unique technology and characteristics that are ideal for the Greek, Cypriot and South-Eastern European markets.

“In a market where it is thought that all products are the same and no technological innovation occurs, we are providing proof that a new generation of superior technology paints exists,” said Yannidis. “By introducing the globally recognized Teflon brand as part of our Vitex product portfolio, we are providing real value to our customers.” He added that “Vitex with Teflon” protects the painted surface from stains with a long-lasting finish that repels dirt, fingerprints or other oily stains, and is easy to clean using soap and water.

Image Source: Pixabay

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