Axalta’s global study of the most popular car colours 2018

Axalta has published its Global Automotive Color Popularity Report for 2018. As a result, White remains the world leader with 38 percent.

White car.
According to Axalta's new study -

The results of the 66th edition of the Annual Report show that 2018 White is the world’s number one on the consumer popularity scale. With an impressive 38 percent and a large lead over second-placed Black (18%) and Silver and Grey (12%), who share third place, White defended its leadership position. Black and Grey saw significant increases in key regions. Black achieved this in China (5%), Asia (3%), South Korea and Africa (2% each). Grey continued to gain ground in Africa (3%) and Europe (2%).

Trend towards warmer colors in the automotive sector

“We have seen an emerging trend towards warmer shades and colour combinations including black that challenge the position of white,” explains Nancy Lockhart, Axalta’s Global Color Marketing Manager. “Although neutral shades are the real stars, there are signs of a return to colour to revitalise the automotive landscape. In addition to neutral shades, blue is the most popular shade and has a strong market position with seven percent. Orange and bronze also recorded growth and are becoming increasingly interesting for consumers.”

The study is available via Axalta’s website.

Image source: Pixabay

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