Automotive coating market to exceed EUR 3.1 thousand millions by 2026

According to a new study published by Polaris Market Research the global automotive coatings market is anticipated to reach EUR 3.1 thousand millions by 2026.

A new market analysis deals with the global market for automotive coatings until 2026. Source: adimas – -

Escalating demand for coating materials in automobiles owing to its growing popularity of protecting car paints from extreme heat, acid rain, dust, UV radiations etc. along with its inherent characteristics of enhancing vehicle appearance are expected to be the major factors driving the demand for automotive coatings. These products are used for coating surfaces of automobiles and are capable of producing long-lasting surfaces in automobile satisfying customers’ needs along with maximising efficiencies, enhancing appearance and meeting environmental regulations.

Shrinking manufacturing costs, increasing buyer satisfaction

Current trends for automotive coating and its application process are aggravated by its shrinking cost of manufacturing, delivering buyer satisfaction by means of corrosion protection and enhancing aesthetic features, along with mitigating environmental concerns. Tremendous quantity of consideration has already been put into the current used automobile coating systems, and they carry a level of sophistication that has been satisfying most customers globally. The advent of the new smart coatings has almost alleviated the problem of corrosion, appearance and durability of car topcoats making them perfectly acceptable for lifetime of any vehicle.

The emergence of two-layer topcoats worldwide and the gloss, color, and chip resistance offered by these products remains functional in its first seven to ten years of use. These advantages associated with the products are the primary reasons anticipated to drive the market.

The study is available via the website of Polaris Market Research.

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