Arkema increases photocure resin production capacity in China

Arkema has announced a project to expand by over 30% production capacity at Sartomer’s Nansha facility in China.

Arkema's  Sartomer plant in Guangzhou. Source: Arkema -

This new production line will in particular help meet strong customer demand in Asia in the electronics, 3D-printing and inkjet printing cutting-edge markets.

High growth market of UV curable inks & coatings

Arkema's  Sartomer plant in Guangzhou serves the customer base throughout Asia in this rapidly expanding, high growth market of specialty UV curable inks, coatings and adhesives.

Arkema announces the construction on its Nansha site south of Canton, China, of a new production line for UV, LED and EB photocure resins, which should come on stream early 2019. This new line will produce high performance photocure resins with innovative properties, earmarked for the electronics cutting-edge markets in which they are used for the manufacture and design of printed circuits and smartphone, tablet or television screens, as well as the 3D-printing market.

Speeding up the development of advanced materials

These solvent-free specialty resins are environmentally friendly, while also complying with global standards VOC low emissions. Hence they bolster the Group’s strategy in the development of new “eco-sustainable” materials, and will enable Sartomer to capitalise on the 10% annual growth expected in the electronics and 3D-printing high added value niche markets.

This project is consistent with the Group’s ambition to speed up the development of its advanced materials that should eventually account for over 25% of its sales, and to continue consolidating its presence in Asia.

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