Archroma opens Global Center of Excellence for Surface & Coating Technology

Archroma has officially inaugurated its new Global Center of Excellence for Surface & Coating Technology, which underlines the company’s ambition to bring new solutions to the packaging and specialty paper markets.

Archroma opens Global Center of Excellence for Surface & Coating Technology. Source: Archroma -

The Global Center of Excellence for Surface & Coating Technology is based in Bradford, UK, at the location of Archroma's application laboratory team for deposit control. Over the last four months, the existing laboratory facilities have been extended and state-of-the-art equipment for application development and measurement have been installed.

Safe solutions in the area of food packaging

This investment emphasises the commitment by Archroma to bring new technologies in the area of barrier and surface coating to the packaging market. At the opening session, Beate Plueckhan, President Region EMEA, commented on the potential offered by this market: “Especially in the area of food packaging, consumers are looking for safe, convenient and sustainable packaging. This offers many opportunities to market new surface & coating solutions. With its technology and application know-how Archroma is well positioned to participate more intensively in this growing market.”

Application tests for packaging producers

The new application laboratory will also allow Archroma to quickly run application tests for packaging producers, as well as to develop customised recipes for them. During the last few years, Archroma has launched several eco-advanced innovations in the area of food packaging. Its solutions are widely accepted in the market and the company is continuing to strengthen its capacities in order to support the segment's increasing demands. Examples include:

  • “Cartaguard KST liq”: A cationic fluoropolymer providing a strong and long-lasting barrier to grease and water. FDA and BfR approved.
  • “Cartaseal HFU liq”: A recyclable wax alternative coating for corrugated packaging and multipurpose water barrier coating. Fluorine-free and FDA compliant.
  • “Cartaseal VWF liq”: Extremely flexible water vapor barrier coating imparting grease, oil, fat and solvent resistance. It is a FDA and BfR approved fluorine-free alternative providing complete protection ideal for ream wrap, food and pharmaceutical packaging.

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