Annual survey: Uncertain times

The European Coatings Journal traditionally asks coatings producers all over Europe to talk about their past year’s business performances, as well as about challenges and chances for the upcoming year. This year’s survey draws a mixed picture.

Annual survey: Uncertain times. Image: stokkete- stock.adobe -

24 companies participated in the European Coatings Journal’s Annual Survey and rated their performance in 2017. Overall, the past twelve months of 2017 have been a good or satisfying year for most of the participants in this survey. Statements such as “excellent” or “outstanding” were made to describe the business performance in 2017.

However, there were also voices that described the year as “difficult” or “challenging”. All in all, we once again have a pretty mixed picture in the Annual Survey. The editorial staff of ECJ has asked to rate the year on a scale from 1 (“very good”) to 6 (“very poor”). The average rating by the 24 surveyed companies resulted in a 2.7, which is between “good” and “satisfying” – but closer to the latter one.

Major challenges of 2017 will continue in 2018

The major challenge for all coatings producers was the raw material situation they faced in 2017. Sky-rocketing prices and the availability of key raw materials put pressure on the companies and their activities. A vast majority of the surveyed companies expect that this situation will also be an ongoing concern in 2018. In addition, tighter and stricter regulations will be another challenge the companies will face, according to the managers. Nevertheless, even in this harsh environment they remain cautiously optimistic for 2018. Read the statements of 24 decision makers of the industry.

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