Water-resistant water-borne alkyd/acrylic hybrid coatings

A new paper demonstrates the preparation of water-resistant water-borne alkyd/acrylic hybrid coatings with varied maleic anhydride (MA) content. The coating with optimum MA content exhibited excellent physical properties.

The water resistance of the coating from water-borne alkyd/acrylic hybrid resins with optimum MA content lasted up to 32 days. Image source: qimono - Pixabay (symbol image).

Water-borne alkyd/acrylic hybrid resins with varied maleic anhydride content were synthesised from the reaction between alkyd intermediate and maleic anhydride modified acrylic prepolymer followed by neutralisation of carboxyl groups with triethylamine. In addition, air-drying water-borne coatings were prepared using the above-mentioned dispersions.

Excellent physical properties

Test results showed that the microstructure of the water-borne alkyd/acrylic hybrid dispersion induced the accessibility of fatty acid chains to oxygen is unimpeded, therefore, higher cross-linking density would be obtained. The coating with optimum MA content exhibited excellent physical properties and water resistance, up to 32 days, which is – according to the reseacrhers – better than the water resistance of all water-borne alkyd coatings or modified water-borne alkyd coatings reported up to now, and also better than the water resistance of a commercial water-borne alkyd/acrylic hybrid coating.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 161, December 2021.

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