Wacker opens Moscow laboratory

Wacker is expanding its technical support for the construction industry with the opening of an additional laboratory in Moscow.

The Moscow cement and concrete laboratory performs ultrasound and temperature measurements that give customers important information on the quality and properties of new concrete formulations. Image source: Wacker.

The focus of the new lab is on water-repellent silicone additives for cement and concrete, which, when added to cementitious materials, provide improved protection against moisture, salts and unwanted chemical reactions. The development laboratory, which supports customers all over the world, is now officially open for business.

The facility aims to better protect cement and concrete materials from moisture, both while in storage and after application. Up to now, moisture protection has come in the form of water-repellent silicones applied to the surface after the concrete, mortar or plaster has set. Wacker has now developed silicone additives that can be incorporated into the cement or concrete during production, thereby protecting the construction materials from moisture damage more effectively.

Integral treatment additives

The Moscow lab will be taking a leading role in developing these kinds of integral treatment additives for cement and concrete. “There are many factors that influence the properties of cementitious systems. Every manufacturer uses different raw materials and formulations,” explains Thomas Koini, who leads the Performance Silicones business unit. “Our new lab in Moscow will give us our first ever opportunity for systematically studying and testing a wide range of raw materials used in cement and concrete. That puts us in a position to optimise our building protection agents for use in our customers’ formulations and for compliance with international construction standards. Few raw materials manufacturers currently offer that kind of comprehensive service.”

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