Uzin Utz invests in the Netherlands

Uzin Utz has purchased a plot of land in the Stepelerveld industrial park in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands.

With the newly acquired areas Image source: DavidRockDesign - Pixabay (symbol image).

On an area of almost 33,000 square meters, future plans of the group of companies are to be realised there. The flooring specialist has been based in Haaksbergen since 1967 and has been housed in a sustainable building on the Stepelerveld industrial park since the end of 2013.

With the newly acquired areas, the group wants to create the possibility of establishing a production site in the future, which can display a product range similar to the Ulm site. One of the goals that Uzin Utz associates with the purchase of the land is to relieve the Ulm warehouses and to manage the logistics for Northern Europe in the medium term through the expanded warehouse capacities in Holland. The resulting shorter delivery routes should in turn help to reduce the CO2 footprint of the Uzin Utz Group.

Netherlands as an important location

“With the acquisition of the land to secure our sustainable growth strategy PAS-SION 2025, Uzin Utz will continue to rely on the Netherlands as an important location for the development and production of innovative product systems in the future”, emphasises Julian Utz, member of the Board of Directors of Uzin Utz. “In order to come closer to our goals in the coming years, intensive work has been carried out in recent months on the realisation of the property expansion. My special thanks go to Gerben Bouwmeester, Managing Director of Uzin Utz Nederland, whose personal commitment has been instrumental in advancing the project,” continues Julian Utz.

The municipality of Haaksbergen has big plans for the design of the Stepelerveld industrial park. The aim is to make Stepelerveld the most sustainable industrial park in the Twente region with the highest achievable sustainability label. “The fact that a leading, innovative and sustainable company like Uzin Utz has decided to expand at this location in Haaksbergen is a wonderful signal for us as a municipality. This is an important development to which we would like to make our contribution, because in addition to the creation of new jobs, attention is also being paid to biodiversity, water systems, innovation and care,” said Economic City Councillor Louis Koopman.

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