Pyran partners with Nagase for renewable 1,5-pentanediol diacrylate

Pyran and Nagase Specialty Materials (NSM) have partnered for the exclusive conversion of Pyran’s bio-based 1,5-pentanediol (PDO) to renewable 1,5-pentanediol diacrylate (PDDA) and other acrylate and methacrylate derivatives.

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Biesterfeld and US manufacturer Dymax have extended their distribution partnership.  Image source: fotomek –

NSM, a manufacturer of chemical technologies and distributor of specialty chemicals, will produce PDDA and other derivatives in the USA and will market them in North America and Europe.

“Alternative to materials like hexanediol”

Through this agreement, Nagase will be the first to derivatise Pyran’s sustainable PDO for use in UV-cured formulations from coatings to 3D printing. “Nagase is excited to solidify our partnership with Pyran and further our mission to bring solutions to the market that are based on innovative technologies and support our ongoing commitment to sustainability goals,” said NSM’s Business Development Director JP Masson.

“Pyran has pioneered a process to produce 1,5-pentanediol (PDO) from renewable sources in a cost-competitive fashion. Nagase will convert Pyran’s PDO to 1,5-pentanediol diacrylate (PDDA) and offer it to customers in the UV-cured market looking for sustainable and market-competitive alternatives to more conventional materials like hexanediol diacrylate.”

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