Perstorp introduces 2-Ethylhexanol partly based on renewables

Perstorp has introduced 2-Ethylhexanol based on 25% renewable raw material. It is designed to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the value chain where it is used to support sustainable sourcing of renewable and recycled raw materials.

A graphic symbolises sustainability with hands around a globe.
Bio-based raw materials can reduce the use of petroleum-based chemicals Image source: DarkmoonArt_de - Pixabay (symbol image).

According to the company, the new product grade is the world’s first 2-EH partly based on renewable raw materials.

Sustainability certification system ISCC PLUS

2-EH is widely used in the production of plasticisers in flexible vinyl applications, acrylates, lubrication oil additives, and as a main ingredient in cetane enhancers for diesel fuel. As the company points out, all of Perstorp’s pro-environment products are certified according to the sustainability certification system ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification).

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