New podcast episode: Titanium dioxide market

In the latest episode of the European Coatings podcast, we speak to Reg Adams, founder of Artikol, an agency specialised in market intelligence on titanium dioxide.

This podcast episode gives an update on the titanium dioxide market. Image source: Irina -

Reg Adams speaks about the situation at the titanium market and gives an assessment on how prices and availability of the coveted raw material will develop in the future. Moreover, he expands on the problems of substituting titanium dioxide and the effects of the classification of TiO2 on the industry.

Another topic in this episode is also the consolidation of companies which is also impacting the titanium dioxide sector.

————————–Speaking: Reg Adams, Damir Gagro / Production: Sarina Lux


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Remark: This podcast is sponsored by MÜNZING.

Event tip

Reg Adams also speaks about the global titanium dioxide market and its challenges at the European Coatings Webforum Titanium Dioxide on January 18, an online event on the latest developments and replacement options for titanium dioxide.

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