From plastic to metal to chocolate

New components and devices

The usage of a wider spectrum of metals for 3D printing could open up completely entirely new possibilities. Due to their good conduct of electricity and robustness, completely different new components and devices could be made.

However, I do have to admit that I am probably equally fascinated by the 3D printer using strings of chocolate which I saw at the fair. How great would a 3D printer producing ice cream objects be? But jokes aside, from metal to other materials, huge developments seem to be ahead in the field. And 3D printing will most definitely bring about great changes, not only for the transportation industry but also to all branches involved with manufacturing.

What effects do you think would an increasing usage of 3D printing have on the paints and coatings industry? And what innovations in the field would you like to see? The article on the use of copper and gold materials can be read here.

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