Facts in Five: The German market

In Europe, Germany is the largest market of paints and coatings. How is the situation on the market currently? European Coatings has gathered five facts.

Five facts about the German coatings market. Source: Robert Kneske -Fotolia.com -

Home to about 300 coating, paint and printing ink producing companies and around 25,000 industry employees, the German paints and coatings industry is characterised by many small and medium-sized companies. But is also home to several large corporations as our ranking of the 25 largest coatings companies in Europe shows. For 2017, the German Paint and Printing Ink Association (VdL) predicts a stable economy.

Volume and values

The German market for paints and coatings and printing inks accounted for a volume of 2.6 million tons in 2016.


Decorative coatings versus industrial coatings


Foreign trade

With exports of 749,928 tons and imports of 276,191 tons, Germany is export-oriented but also an important market for other countries.


Per-capita consumption

All in all, the capita consumption is 21 kg in total, the biggest factor being decorative paints.


Market structure


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