ECHA offers help with Brexit

Brexit is nearing and will affect the chemical industry massively. The European Chemicals Agency ECHA offers help for British companies to stay on the EU market while still fulfilling all necessary regulations.

Brexit will cause some trouble. But staing in business will be possiple if you follow some rules. (Source: fewerton - -

Not only UK companies will have to pay attention to changes after Brexit. Also companies in the EU-27 and EEA that are doing business with UK companies will also see some differences. However, the most prominent change will probably be that there will no longer be a REACH registration for UK-companies after Britain leaves the European Union.

In a short but comprehensive overview, ECHA explains how UK-companies can stay on the market legally by appointing a representative to manage their registrations or by moving the part of their business that is related to the registration to a EU-27 member state.

The article also gives insight into classifying and labelling issues, biocides and other issues related to chemicals and the Brexit. The overview can be found on the ECHA-website.

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