Beckers announces new “Sustainable Innovation Centre

Beckers has announced the building of a new “Sustainable Innovation Centre” in the UK to unlock the potential of more sustainable coil coating technologies.

A graphic symbolises a construction site with the slogan
The building is designed for future expansion if necessary.  Image source: QuinceCreative - Pixabay (symbol image).

The two-story 300 m2 innovation centre will double the capacity of the Long Term Development (LTD) R&D team that is working to develop the company’s future coil coating capabilities. The new building next door to the existing LTD facility in Liverpool broke ground in March 2023 and should be complete at the end of the year.

“New disruptive technologies”

“As we don’t currently have space to accommodate all the equipment we need when developing some of the new coating technologies, the new innovation centre will be essential in enhancing our global R&D capabilities,” says Gavin Bown, CTO. “The innovation centre will enable us to develop new disruptive technologies that are both more sustainable and also have the potential to reduce costs for our customers.”

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