Superhydrophilic antifog surface by sol-gel method

Scientists recently reported a single step and a one pot by using spin coating method for the preparation of optically transparent, superhydrophilic, antifogging composite surface.

In the study -

The wettability performance and also antifogging properties of these surfaces were investigated depending on silica particles content in composite solution. It was also examined the effects of production technique changes on wettability and antifogging characteristics of these surfaces having 20 % wt silica particles content. The apparent water contact angle of transparent surfaces were found to vary between 65 ° and 4 ° depending on the silica content, polymer type and production technique.

Good anti-fogging performance and light transmission properties

Superhydropilic surface (WCA = 4 °) displayed a good antifogging performance and light permeability behavior. It was also observed that antifogging behavior kept showing when water contact angle is lower than 15 °. However, antifogging properties disappeared when water contact angle is higher than 25 °. These results were showed that one step-one pot reaction have a better results than two step reactions depending on silica particles adding time.

The study is published in: Progress in Organic Coatings Volume 126, January 2019, Pages 75-82.

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