Polymeric aziridines as crosslinkers for water-based coatings

Researchers have introduced polymeric aziridines as a new class of low toxicity two-component crosslinkers for carboxylic resins.

A laboratory scene as a symbolic image.
With the decrease of the collagens' size Image source: BillionPhotoscom - stock.adobe.com (symbol image).

Using a combination of industry-standard tests and modern biotechnological approaches, the non-genotoxic nature of the compounds was demonstrated. Mechanical analysis of acrylic films formulated with these polymeric aziridines demonstrated that the high crosslink densities typical for classical aziridine chemistry could be attained.

Customised functional performance

Furthermore, distribution of crosslinker molecules in both wet formulation and dried coating could be controlled by adjusting the stabilising group of the polymeric aziridine. By tuning this stabilisation mechanism, the researchers demonstrated customised functional performance for different coating applications.

The study has been published in Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, Volume 19, September 2022.

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