Photothermal self-healing coating

Considering the balance between mechanical properties and self-healing efficiency, a superhydrophobic coating with non-covalent bond gradient distribution was successfully prepared by hydrothermal reaction and spraying method.

Self-healing superhydrophobic coating opens a new door for the durability and stability of aluminum alloys. Image source: analogicus - Pixabay (symbol image).

The surface frosting and corrosion of Al alloy limit its diversified application. The self-healing superhydrophobic coating opens a new door for the durability and stability of aluminum alloys. However, it remains challenges to simultaneously achieve efficient self-healing efficiency and strong coating adhesion. Here, a coating with great wear resistance and fast self-healing was constructed by introducing thermodynamically stable coordination bonds and highly mobile hydrogen bonds. The prepared coatings exhibited excellent wear resistance, the super-hydrophobicity (water contact angle >150°) remained after 200 wear cycles. The coating could repair scratches for only 5 min at 80°C. And chemical damage repair could be achieved with the coating at room temperature for 40 min.

Superior performance

Based on the super-hydrophobicity of the coating and the dual repair of physical-chemical damage, the coating exhibits excellent self-cleaning, abrasion resistance, frost and corrosion resistance. In particular, thanks to the photothermal effect of Polydopamin, the self-healing performance of as-prepared coating could come true under sunlight.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 180, July 2023.

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