New podcast episode: Polyurethanes and sustainability

In the newest episode of the EC Podcast we speak with Eva Tejada and Tim Gratzke from Covestro about the latest developments in polyurethane technology, mostly in the field of wood coatings, the mega trend sustainability and Covestro’s aim to become fully circular.

How does the coatings industry rate the year 2021? Image source: OneClic - AdobeStock

After a brief introduction of the polyurethane technology by our guests we speak about shifting technologies to increase the sustainability of polyurethane coatings. One aspect is the transition from aromatic to aliphatic systems as well as the ongoing shift to water-borne polyurethane coatings. Of course, the new regulation on the threshold for free isocyanate monomers in coatings also plays a role.

Plus, we speak about Covestro’s target to become a full circular company and what role the acquisition of DSM or bio-based feedstocks play in this regard.


Speaking: Eva Tejada, Tim Gratzke, Jan Gesthuizen / Production: Sarina Lux


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Remark: This podcast is sponsored by MÜNZING.

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