Bifunctional polyaniline/graphitic carbon nitride composite coating

Researchers have demonstrated a superior anticorrosion and antibiofouling performance of polyaniline/graphitic carbon nitride composite coating.

The new study presents the application of bifunctional composite coatings combining anticorrosion and antibiofouling. Image source: Peter H - Pixabay (symbol image).

Microorganisms sticking to the coating’s surface might hasten its demise, and corrosive ions are more capable of penetrating the coating-substrate contact, resulting in local corrosion of carbon steel, which is an urgent scientific and engineering problem to be solved. Now, bifunctional anticorrosion and antibiofouling coatings were prepared using polyaniline (PANI) and graphitic carbon nitride (CN) incorporated with epoxy (EP) resins.

Outstanding corrosion resistance

The electrochemical tests’ results revealed that the optimum PANI@CN-10/EP coating possesses outstanding corrosion resistance. The. In addition, the antibiofouling tests presented that PANI@CN/EP coating had favorable anti-biofouling properties with only a tiny number of algae (Phaeocystis globose and Skeletonema costatum) adhered to the surface.

The study has been published in Progress in Organic Coatings, Volume 179, June 2023.

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