ABB introduces new varnishing station

By using the new, compact interior painting station, car manufacturers are expected to be able to reduce the size of their paint booths by a third.

With the compact interior painting station Picture source: ABB.

ABB’s latest solution for automotive manufacturing combines twelve robots and, according to the company, is a space-saving alternative to conventional robot-assisted stations for interior painting. It is designed to help automakers reduce the space requirements of their paint booths by up to 33 percent. At the same time, it covers a wide range of vehicle types – from conventional cars and SUVs to large vans.

Four robots are responsible for opening the doors, while two robots open the hood and trunk. Six new seven-axis robots are decisive for the compactness of the solution.

Reach of 3.8 meters

These robots can be mounted upright, suspended or on the wall. With a reach of 3.8 meters, they are able to cover a larger working area on a car body than other robot solutions in their class, according to ABB. In addition, its optimised processing angle is designed to reduce the number of robots needed to perform a given task.

Its greater reach also allows the robot to reach all painting areas without having to rely on an external traversing axis. ABB also reports that paint mist (overspray) is reduced and ultimately less varnish is used. The space savings achieved with the compact interior painting station are intended to reduce the need for ventilation and lighting in the factory hall in general, thus contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective painting operation.

“Our compact interior varnishing station is the latest development that pays off on a clear mission: We help automotive manufacturers find new ways to increase flexibility, reduce production costs and reduce environmental impact wherever possible,” said Jörg Reger, head of ABB Robotics’ Automotive OEM business line. “By eliminating components such as the traversing axis or additional fans, our new solution significantly helps to reduce the time and cost of implementing a paint booth.”

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