Thermal decomposition and fire response of thermal coatings for concrete

A work by researchers from Singapore highlights the thermal decomposition of two polymer-based, non-halogenated coatings that have the potential to be used as passive fire protection for structural concrete.

Thermal decomposition and fire response of thermal coatings for concrete. Source: -

Although the combustion behaviour of the coatings is different from classical intumescence, their action is based on a condensed-phase mechanism, which creates a steep temperature gradient between the coating surface and the coating-concrete interface.

Good performance when subjected to ISO 834

When subjected to the ISO 834 heating curve, one of the coatings could prevent the temperature of the interface from rising above 345 °C even after 3 h (corresponding furnace temperature is 1,114 °C). Heat transfer simulation corroborates the observed fire-protective behaviour and shows that it may have potential for use on structural members. The toxicity test revealed that gases released during decomposition does not pose a threat to a person’s life or health

The study is published in: Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 320, 25 June 2017, Pages 396–403

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